Women’s voices are rising ever louder?  Have you heard them? How can you not?

The obvious manifestations are in the Women’s March of January 2017 followed by the #MeToo movement. Now, we have the MarchforOurLives Movement supported by the Women’s March team, but also supported by MomDemandAction.org, a group that has been working in the background since the Sandy Hook shootings.

Apparently we should not be surprised,  According to some, the 21st century has been dubbed The Sophia Century, a time when women reclaim their equal role in the world and bring balance back to a very unbalanced planet.

If this sounds very Woowoo, it is backed by some of the most intelligent and deep thinkers of our time. The Sophia Institute, based in Charleston, South Carolina is the official center for  this effort. It’s mission is “centered in personal and societal transformation and care and protection for all people and for Mother Earth.”

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Why the name Sophia? The word stems from Greek means wisdom, and as a name  a distinctly feminine presence.  According to Catholic sources, Sophia stands the ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding.

This is considered the Digital Information age. Sadly, to date from Trump’s fake finger pointing at fake news to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data breach (not to mention those previously of Equifax, Target and others)  we have learned that information may not be power, and simply may just be incorrect. Perhaps we need to re-engineer our thinking to realize that Knowledge, Wisdom and Information are not synonyms.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to the infamous Tree of Knowledge and realize Eve may have been on to something. It all starts with real food and being willing to see and hear real truths as they are revealed to us.

Possible Little Hinge Action Steps:  Create your own learning program on Women’s Studies.  Here are some ways to get started:

  • Listen to the 2013 TedX talk by Lynne Twist on the Sophia Century.
  • Check out The Sophia Institute.  Membership is $50. For free you can recieve email updates on upcoming events.
  • Read one woman’s biography this year, preferably a name you didn’t know before and re-familiarize yourself with the role women have long played too silently in enacting change.  Consider Sign My Name to Freedom by Betty Reid-Soskin.
  • Find and watch the movie Dolores about Dolores Huerta, the powerhouse behind the farm worker’s movement usually affiliated with the work of Cesar Chavez.  It turns out he was more of front man for the movement fueled in large part by the women behind him.
  • Support Emily’s List, the group that has long worked to bring more progressive women into elected offices at all levels. Their core mission says it all:


Image Credit: The Rebuke of Adam and Eve, Charles Joseph Natoire, French, 1740, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access Initiative.