Meet Lawrence Lessig.

It will only take 18 minutes of your time.  You can choose the time and date of your meeting. He’s on a TED Talk from April 2013  that is as timely as ever.

creative commons

Who is he?

A Constitutional lawyer, founding member of Creative Commons (open copyright for shred user generated content on the Internet), Harvard law professor, political activist, and a concerned citizen who attempted to run for president in the last election.

Why do you need to meet him?

Because he explains why our government isn’t working and what happened in the last election… Not Hillary’s perspective on What Happened, but what really keeps happening if Funders — big money in politics — continue to outwit the Founders.

Clearly, when you hear him, you’ll know that Bernie Sanders got the message.  Now, the question is: Whether you’re on the right or left… will you get the message as well?

Why meet him now?

Because he’s one of those rare crusaders who is not flummoxed by ridiculous odds.  He believes when you love something you fight for it regardless of the odds and he wants you to join him in fighting for our democratic rights. He is leading the charge for #EqualVotes and preparing for the next 2020 election cycle while also, against crazy odds, bringing a case to the Supreme Court.

What’s the message? If you love your country, then you need to act to reclaim the democratic process of fair elections by broadening how elections are funded. Lessig states:

We need a government that works. And not works for the left or the right, but works for the left and the right.

What can you do? Stay focused on long-term change in addition to short-term issues. Learn to play a long game.

Yes, raise funds for Puerto Rico. Yes, fight for equal health care and reproductive coverage for women. Yes, fight for sensible gun reform, the recognition of climate change and social justice, but not at the expense of also staying focused on the fundamental basis of our government — one person, one vote.

Lessig notes that this issue may not be the most urgent, but it’s the most important. To review the difference, check out Stephen Covey’s matrix or his popular book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Here are three easy actions to get started on focusing on 2020:

  • Listen to the Ted Talk on LesterLand.
  • Follow Lessig  on Facebook, or on Twitter @Lessig
  • Donate money in a small amount to a local candidate of your choice in the mid-terms. If a candidate gets a significant amount of small donations (s)he will start to court small donors (aka citizens) and be answerable to them over large donors.