This week Dr. Pedram Shojai, aka The Urban Monk, launched his new movie Prosperity. As with most documentaries, it won’t make it to all your local theaters, but is a movie worth watching. It’s currently free for a short time on the Internet.  It takes some time to watch– almost an hour and a half, but can be digested in small doses from the comfort of your own home.

The idea — the value of Conscious Capitalism  isn’t new, but the movie does more than proselytize. It profiles companies that are making a difference in today’s marketplace, and can be supported by the average citizen. His message is simple: There are five actions everyone can take, and if you even take just 1 or 2 of the actions you can make a difference while not really changing that much of what you do in a normal day because moral authority starts at home.  Here they are:

  1. Spend. Look at what you spend money on and just spend it responsibly. Vote with your wallet. Even in a standard American grocery store, it’s surprisingly simple to buy more globally conscious products.
  2. Work.  It is possible to work for companies who value people and the planet along with profits. Find them and look for job openings.  And if none exist near you…
  3. Invest.  If you have a 401(k) or can choose how your money is invested, look to support companies that will give you a return, perhaps a bit less than some, but good enough and allow your investment to support companies who share your world view.
  4. Bank. And if you’re still saving and not ready to invest, look for banks that are socially responsible and putting their earnings from your money into causes you support.
  5. Act. Make your voice known to companies so that they know you care about how they impact the planet.  In the world of social media, companies are listening more than ever. Make your voice heard.

Dr. Shojai is also launching the Prosperity Roadmap Event from Oct. 10-18, 2017  where 1-2 videos will be shared for free daily on ways to join the prosperity movement. It’s another free way to raise your consciousness on debt, investment and conscious capitalism.

To support Shojai’s efforts, you can sign up to be a Prosperity Stakeholder for either $99 or $249 to receive all the videos with no time limit for watching plus ongoing material throughout the year. If you’re worried about Shojai appearing to be just another money making operation, then listen to his free podcast to get to know him a bit better. He tried to Indiegogo fund the movie project and only received $15K of the estimated $150k needed to create the project. If you didn’t know about how to fund the movie in development, signing up as a Prosperity Stakeholder is a great way to support the movie post production. It’s just one more way to potentially spend responsibly to fund those who are actively working to make a difference.