More than ever, it appears it is a time to revert to the classics;  whether it’s learning chess, watching Becket (play or movie), rereading ancient Greek morality plays or mythologies on hubris, or revisiting tips for distance coach/trainers on how to stay in a race for the long haul.  This is a time of distress, glee, overwhelm, confusion, and knee-jerk reactions — none of which generally provide desired outcomes in the long term. It’s a time of “Liberal Beware,” or “be careful for what you ask for, or you might just get it.” It is a time study “the method of attacking by strategm” from  The Art of War and start winning wars rather than battles — losing valuable troops and energy in the interim.

If you’re a Trump disapproving American (as 62% are per Gallup on 6/4), it can be too easy to delight in his latest missteps, or FBI investigations. You may be one of those calling for immediate impeachment versus the longer-term special counsel investigation likely to take three years. Believe it or not, you may prefer the three year option. Here’s why:

What happens if Trump is removed?  Pence becomes President.  He may be dirtied up in the process and arrive sullied, but he has a definitive agenda, as proven by his record both in Congress (2001-2013) and as Governor of Indiana (2013-2017).  Before you think he may be the better of two evils, learn more about him. He is:

  • A born-again evangelical Christian
  • Once was a conservative radio host self-described as Rush Limbaugh on decaf
  • Is a strong advocate for religious rights to not serve people of different beliefs including the LGTBQ community
  • Endorsed Ted Cruz, but yet agreed to serve under Trump, and
  • Has known financial ties to Koch Industries from past election financing.

Ask yourself: Would you prefer a laser-focused ideologue with Congressional backing over the current crazed demagogue with no real leanings or agenda other than self-aggrandizement?

Perhaps, instead… you’d prefer a president who is marginalized (much as the McConnell team tried to do with Obama term1), and can’t get much done, or have potential harm minimized?

Perhaps, instead… you’d be better putting energies into keeping Trump in the White House so Gallup polls stay low and Democrats have a better chance at recovering both houses in the mid-terms?

Perhaps, instead… you’d be better off letting the media concentrating on Russia now that it’s got their tenacious attention, and turn your attention toward keeping Planned Parenthood operational, climate science strong, and the Progressive or Moderate agendas vibrant on local levels?

None of these are as sexy as calling for impeachment, but it may be the wiser more strategic long game. It may be what brings lets your team capture the Queen and call checkmate 2-4 years from now.  It may what allows you to continue to teach your children that “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Some Little Hinge Suggestions for The Long Game:

  • Read The Art of War by Sun Tzu. There are several free download options available, or purchase a copy from a local bookstore.
  • Work on Local Elections.  Work to get Democrats better organized for early gubernatorial, special, and local elections while also supporting emerging candidates.
  • Support Emily’s List – pro-choice, female democrats running for office.
  • Learn Chess.  It’s a diversion from screen time, is a great multi-generational game, and gets trains your brain to think more strategically.
  • Follow Lawrence Lessig.  Support those working to improve the 2020 election system.

P.S.  We took a week off at Little Hinges last week. It all got too much for us as well and we couldn’t see our way clear to a post that made any sense.  We won’t publish if we can’t think of what to say, but hope you’ll keep reading despite our irregular publishing schedule, and will suggest things that you’d like to see us explore.