Do you feel like you can see the train coming down the track and there’s nothing you can do to stop it?  Yes, the Democrats are set to filibuster the Neil Gorsuch nomination. Yes, Mitch McConnell has sworn he will change the rules, go nuclear, and get Gorsuch approved no matter what. But, at what cost?  Are we to sit by as citizens and just see another rule changed? Do rules have no bearing anymore? Is any of this in our control?

It doesn’t feel like an average citizen can do much, but perhaps we’re mistaken. While some very vocal and effective organizations are gathering grass roots teams to phone Senators to demand a filibuster, and other “we will never be defeated” sorts are gathering to demand their Senators go nuclear, we started wondering if there’s a better way.  It may be too little too late, but here are a few little hinge things you can consider

  • Sign this one petition that is not to a Senator, but to Judge Gorsuch himself.  Let’s ask him to take himself out of the running and refuse to be a part of this crazy circus.  If that idea appeals to you, the petition can be found at:
  • Start contacting Mitch McConnell’s office. Let him know we Americans hold him personally accountable for not allowing Merrick Garland a hearing. He started the problem and he should not perpetuate it. Don’t write. His web site it may take him up to 45 days to answer. Call: 202-224-2541.
  • Tweet about it. Ok, Facebook posts too.  The new hashtag is #NoProbe.NoRobe.  It is designed to state that as long as the president’s team is under investigation, no lifetime appointments, including Supreme Court Justice appointments should be allowed.
  • Have facts at hand. It was unprecedented for McConnell to refuse to allow a hearing on Merrick Garland. It will be unprecedented again for him to invoke the nuclear option. Some will argue that the Dems started this by changing rules on lower court appointment. Senator Schumer admits this is true as no federal court justices were being approved by Republicans during the Obama years. He noted in a call on Sunday, however, that even tehn they never thought about changing the rules for Supreme Court Justices.
  • Call your own Senator and let him/her know you want the insanity to stop. The whole mess is because the Republicans started being obstructionists during the Obama administration and the Dems started changing rules.  he cycle has to stop.  If not now, when?  Filibusters are part of Senate traditions and practices. The nuclear option is not. You may be against the Filibuster, or not. Either way, you should be against the nuclear option as changing the rules mid-game is not good gamesmanship on either side of the aisle and continued wrongs hurt our entire democratic process.

For the first time in our history we have dark money funding commercials for a Supreme Court Justice, we have Senators refusing to do their constitutional duty for partisanship, and we have Senators calling for rule changes rather than playing by the rules.  That’s all more scary than the nominee as it goes to the very heart of our democratic principles and processes.

The nuclear vote is set for Thursday. Time is short. If you can think of additional actions, let us know.  The question is how “we the people,” get our Congress to stop playing chess and start governing like a democracy.