Tomorrow is the beginning of a new era — one where those of us who read about marches will now march; one where those of us who heard about people standing up and sitting down for justice will now stand together and be seen; one for women who are old enough to remember grandparents saying we should be seen and not heard and now will be both seen and heard. It is a beginning, yet again.

The march principles are simple: “To affirm our shared humanity…  Recognizing that women have intersecting identities and are therefore impacted by a multitude of social justice and human rights issues, we have outlined a representative vision for a government that is based on the principles of liberty and justice for all.”

There are people marching in Washington DC. For latest instructions — go to  Many women are on busses, many are in carpools, many are simply jumping in cars and going it along to join in the solidarity rally and march. No tickets are required. It starts with a rally at 10 am and a march at 1:15.

Many others are going to cities near them to show national solidarity. As of this writing, 616 different events were logged anticipating more than 1.3 million registered participants. In Philadelphia, march info is at the EventBrite site and although free, organizers are asking participants to get tickets, likely to get an accurate estimate of the potential crowd. The march starts at 10am at Logan Square and ends in a rally at Eakins Oval at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from 12pm-3 – a 1.1 mile walk.

eakins-oval-mapSubsequently, a rally  in Trenton, NJ has been scheduled  starting at 10am to show solidarity with the March on Washington. According to the NJ site, it’s now one of 170 across the country.  To find one near you, go to Google and type the name of a a city near you with  the words “January 21 March” and see what pops up.  For instance if you search “Chicago January 21 March,” the Chicago event pops up with an EventBrite link  and if you type in “New York January 21 March,” the EventBrite link for NYC pops up as well with the link to  For a full list of what are now called SISTER MARCHES,  around the country and the world, go to marches are requesting ticket registration.  More importantly, many sites are posting instructions on staying safe. Here are some of the instructions being posted:

If you’re going to DC, Boston Los Angeles, SF, etc. to take part in a peaceful gathering, here are some good tips.

Keep your cool. Do not offer personal information to unsolicited requests. Stay to the edges of the crowd. Have a meet-up-if-you-get-separated plan. Do not count on your cellphones for this purpose. Write important information on your forearm in Sharpie. (Emergency contact, drug allergies, etc.) It will wash off eventually. In fact, bring a Sharpie with you to share with others for this purpose.

Stay hydrated and never pass up an opportunity to use a toilet. Wear the right shoes and don’t carry anything you can’t lose. LISTEN to the energy and calmly leave the vicinity if you have any doubts about anything. (These are intended to be peaceful gatherings but there have been intimations that infiltrators will try to incite violence and make it look like the protesters caused it. Use your own judgment on this one.)


Bring your phone. Know how to take video of any suspicious activity. Stay safe.

Special thanks to all the women who cannot march and made hats, donated to bus tickets, donated to supporting runs, and are providing untold support through so many other ways.