In today’s crazy world, almost every other email is soliciting money either from a political party, a civic cause, or a specific organization such as environmental watchdog groups. They are all worthwhile, and it’s hard enough to decide where to give, but once you’ve made the choice, the next decision is how much.

That decision was recently made easier for me when I came across the 4Women4AllWomen run on GoFundMe.  Alison Mariella Desire is a great role model for taking her despair and pairing it with her unique talents to create a meaningful civic action.  As of today, in the rain, she’s on the road with her original team and teams of supporting women, running from New York City to Washington DC to arrive in time for the Women’s March post inauguration on Saturday, January 21.

Through GoFundMe, she was seeking to raise $44,000 in honor of the 44th President, each dollar to be donated to Planned Parenthood. Of course, you can always donate directly to Planned  Parenthood, but there’s something compelling about one woman’s quest for meaning and giving back. Many women agree. At last check, Desir’s effort was nearing the $60K donation mark as women around the country responded to her personal stand for women’s reproductive rights.

As I decided to support my first GoFundMe effort, I thought about what amount might be appropriate. In order to give on a more regular basis, I had personally committed to giving less dollars to several different causes on a regular basis, but Alison’s symbolic gesture somehow called for me to make a more symbolic donation.  After a minute, it dawned on me the appropriate amount for me that day was $44.

As of this writing, more than 1,800 people have made donations in amounts ranging from a few dollars to $144 and more. I’m rooting for the team to double their original goal and raise $88K. Meanwhile, I’m happy to see that at least one dozen women have also opted to donate $44.  If this amount is over your budget, I think $4 is also a great donation since the effort is 4 all women.

Alison is running now, so consider donating between now and Saturday. But, for me, long after her run is over, I’m committed to making $44 my new preferred donation amount to causes of my choice. It’s my small gesture to honor #Stillmypresident in spirit, Barack Obama, for all he supported and how proud he made all of us in the way he served.