If you can’t attend the march on Washington on January 21, or any of the city supporting events planned in major cities around the country, there’s a very visual way you can help support the effort especially if you know how to knit. Originally termed the Super Cat Hat, a new easy pink pattern is circulating various Facebook and web sites to provide a visual statement of women’s solidarity on that day.

According to a Jan. 3 post in the Huffington Post,  the pattern and project has gone viral. Started just after Thanksgiving, two knitters devastated by the election started the project as one way to channel their frustrations and is yet the latest example how a small effort can go big very fast in this new environment. Look for thousands of women to be wearing bright pink hats knitted not only by themselves but by mothers, grandmothers, aunts and strangers looking to support the effort from their armchairs.

The pattern can be found at either Ravelry.com or at the Huff Post, or at a feminist Facebook group near you.  If you can’t make the march, consider making a hat or sending pink yarn to a knitter near you. Plan on being at the march but don’t have a hat or family knitter?  Get a bright pink hat and help make the visual statement more powerful.