In January, it’s customary to come up with new resolutions of things you want to do or achieve. Today, however, at Little Hinges, we’re going in another direction — looking at how to create An Anti-List of Things Not to Do.  Here are three to consider:

Not buying any wearables carrying Ivanka’s label
Never staying in any property with a TR name
Not waiting to just see what happens
Not standing silent when someone is being bullied or harassed.

In biblical studies there are sins of commission and sins of omission. An example of a  sin of commission is harassment. A sin of omission is failing to intervene in the harassment. In the arena of civil discourse, we’ve been considering what might constitute similar virtues of civil commission and civil omission. When Mohammed Ali became a conscientious objector,was he demonstrating a civil omission?

In a world where we put a positive spin on positivity, it can be a new challenge to take the opposite approach and embrace the negative — the non-support for things are they are or purported to be. For some, embracing the negative is a more affordable and more immediate way to stand up for change. For instance, in your supermarket, if you can’t afford organic produce, perhaps you can stay away from fake food. Just moving away from microwave popcorn laced with bad fats to home-made microwaved popcorn with real butter and real salt may be the small step of the week in cleaning up our personal environment and intakes to prepare for more expensive or more difficult efforts.

This first week in January, is there a small action you can take to turn away from something to make space for something more positive in your own space? Will it change the world or current political environment? No, but it is a small step in the right direction and that’s a good way to start the new year.