As we end 2016 we are all being deluged with last minute requests for donations and support by numerous charities and organizations. It can be overwhelming. However, it is also an opportunity to end the year with strength in action rather than allowing it to go out in a whimper. The key is to define what might make you feel good, or better prepared to start the new year. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Subscribe to Entertainment. We will all burn out if all we listen to are pundits on 24/7 so-called news channels. Give yourself an out that can last all year long and give yourself some breathing space for a very affordable investment. A subscription to Netflix, for instance, is only $7.99 a month after a first month free.
    • Recommendation: Treat yourself to watching The Crown. It will give you an appreciation of the dance of early feminism as well as the ongoing dance of politics in Britain. It’s easier to be objective watching both dances in another era and nation and John Lithgow is an amazing Winston Churchill.
  • Commit to an Act of Well Being. Gyms are famous for sign ups in January, so consider a different type of act of well being, one that may continue to inspire long after resolutions have faded. Subscribe to a food blog, food service or wellness email list. There are many to choose from for home delivered organic ingredients for home cooked meals with recipes to organic grocery deliveries from Thrive Market, or e-news from Dr. Mark Hyman on innovations in functional medicine
    • Recommendation: Sign up for free enews from The Food Babe at  Vani Hari is an inspiring food activist who has taken on big business to foster change in ingredients in supermarket and restaurant foods from some of our nation’s most well know chains and brands.
  • Support the First Amendment. Our democratic system is built on checks and balances, with a key check built in the constitution for news services to confront power with a dedication to getting the facts. The media has taken numerous and sometimes justified hits, but the basis for news organizations in maintaining a democratic society has never been greater. Several companies are offering end year deals and some are asking for donations. Choose your local paper in digital or paper format, or one of the big guns – New York Times, Washington Post, or Boston Globe – in digital format and have access to some alternative thinking from the incessant boob tube.
    • Recommendation: Make an end of the year donation to listener supported, part of WNYC public radio. Available in podcast format for on-demand listening, Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield hold the media to task to ask the tough questions of the questioners themselves.

Have a Healing New Year. Take Care of Yourself. We’ll see you in 2017.