The year is winding down and many households are looking to do some end-of-the-year giving to maximize tax deductions. This year, based on the elections, a new type of donation has been termed The Rage Donation.  — movement has taken hold. Many households are still considering options and waiting to see what money is left over after a busy holiday season and to determine where money may best be matched by employers or other benefactors. If you’re still pondering choices, here are some suggestions in no order or preference that you may want to consider based on your issue of choice. Each has received at least 4 stars unless otherwise noted from the Glen Rock, NJ based  Want more suggestions? Check out CharityNavigator, which lists hundreds of charities by category and name and then rates them based on listed criteria ranging from transparency to administrative fees.

Political Accountability
Project on Government Oversight —  Not ironically named POGO for short the group is a watchdog for money in politics.

Global Initiatives
Doctors Without Borders USA – Provides medical care in areas of distress and war zones.
International Rescue Committee–  One of the key charities providing aide for Aleppo families, the committee helps fund refugee families in crisis around the world.
KIVA – Providing loans rather than hand outs to entrepreneurs  in the U.S. and throughout the world, Kiva currently has a match on $35 loans made the week of 12/26 with $25 loans for the following week.

Justice Initiatives
ACLU –  The 100-year old American Civil Liberties Union is dedicated to defending individual citizen rights in the courts.
NWLC – Set up to champion policies and laws that affect women of all ages, the National Women’s Law Center is a 40-year old organization that takes on a variety of issues ranging from equal pay to equal opportunities in schools, workplaces and the military.

Environmental Initiatives
EGW – The Environmental Working Group has been in existence for over 20 years fighting for cleaner air, water, food and personal care products. They have a new section on their web site called Planet Trump that tracks the environmental policies of the new administration.  3 star rating
EDF — Founded by scientists, the Environmental Defense Fund does not accept funds from corporate partners and seeks to find solutions that both improve the climate while growing economic prosperity. Donations made before December 31, 2016 have a 2 for 1 match.

There are more issues and charities than we could ever hope to share or research in any one post. Please do your own research either through media stories, sites like Charity Navigator, or (originally the American Institute of Philantrophy), or, that uses a different metric than just an financial evaluation to rate charities.

Our recommendation:
* Pick a charity that interests you and check it out on all three sites, or
* Pick a cause that interests you, find charities listed in Charity Navigator on that issue and then double check the specifc charities on the other two watchdog sites
* Spend some time researching before you spend your money,but do donate and participate to a cause of your choice.

Happy New Year to all our followers –
The Little Hinges Team