It’s just days away from the big end-of-the-year holidays.  If you’re looking for meaningful gift ideas, party favors, or just want to celebrate with a statement, here are some small ideas that may suit your wallet and demeanor.

  1. Donations. For years many have celebrated by making donations rather than sending holiday cards, but this year it seems more are asking and receiving donations in their name to various causes.  There are several ways to do this: pick one cause and make a donation for everyone on your guest list, or pick specific causes that seem to match each person’s unique pet causes. We’ve made some suggestions here, or you can check for more global vetted initiatives.
  2. Jewelry.  It’s the holidays and there’s always no better time for statement jewelry. We’ve already written about the new safety pin trend in bracelets, necklaces and earrings, but there are many more options in mainstream, local jewelry stores and  You could go the Madeleine Albright route with a vintage Hobe donkey pin, still show your Hillary support with a motivational She Believed She Could necklace, or let him wear his heart on his sleeve with Philadelphia Convention cuff links.
  3. New Year’s Constitutions.  Wrap up individual small copies of the U.S. Constitution, available in packs of 10 at the ACLU store. These are no longer available in time for Christmas, but if you’re prone to giving New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards, this can be a great way to encourage people to get up close and personal with the Constitutions.
  4. Unique Cause Items.  Many causes have e-commerce sites similar to museum stores. Kiva, dedicated to micro-loans has a new Kiva Gift Shop where items are made by artisan borrowers and sales help them earn money to repay loans.
  5. Show Your Support Tickets. Give a prepaid bus ticket to that special Marcher on your list. Here’s a really special offer — Two people who can’t go to D.C. on January 21 have offered to sponsor other women who may want a seat on a bus, but don’t have the funds. If you’re interested in receiving the sponsorship, email us at and we’ll match you up. You can leave from the city of your choice.
  6. Multi-media. We’ll be publishing some suggested reading and movie lists in future posts, but you can put together your own collection of vintage protest music CDs (Pete Seeger anyone?), books collections (presidential biographies, the Big Book of Presidents, or even The President’s book of Secrets on Intelligence Briefings by George HW Bush 41). Then there are the movies from the classics  (Wag the Dog, The Manchurian Candidate) to Michael Moore’s latest. These are great for pulling someone off the endless pundit circus on cable TV, and letting them bask in past classics that eerily foretell today’s political scene.
  7. Fun House Warmers.  Going to a party and just want something small to make the host and hostess smile? Try a Bad Hombre/Nasty Woman mug set, or just a Talk Bernie to Me mug.
  8. Tree Ornaments.  There is an amazing variety of Bernie Christmas Tree ornaments, which just might be the highest honor for an old man of Judaic birth can obtain short of the presidency.

It is the holiday season, so you can have some fun with it. Ideas range from the very serious civic donations, to the more flirtatious house gifts and tree decorations, but there is something for everyone. The point is to stop and smell the pine needles at least a little bit for the next few days. There’s a new year ahead with lots to do, many Little Hinge projects to consider, and opportunities to dig deep to make a difference. For the holiday season, you can celebrate with gifts that warm your spirit and build fortitude for the year head.

Happiest of Holidays,

The Little Hinges Team