There’s a “Feel The Bern” Pun in Here Somewhere….

If you’ve met me, you probably know that I am a workout enthusiast. I’ve tried everything from kickboxing to hot yoga to spin class to weight lifting to Aqua Boot Camp.

You read that right. Aqua Boot Camp. Think swim team practice with extreme ‘roid rage, but with surprisingly low impact on your joints.

Lately, I’ve been really into this idea of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). In short, HIIT asks you cram in a workout in about 28 minutes, with timed bursts of activity, followed by short rests. My job has a pretty demanding schedule, so short-but-effective workouts have suddenly become immensely appealing.

I’m sure many of us feel the same way about civic activism. Volunteering for a cause is probably the most common way to start getting engaged, but that can take a lot of time. What can you do if you need your activism efforts to be quick, but just as effective?

Allow me to introduce you to My Civic Workout, a free personal trainer for civic activism and a true Little Hinge.


When you sign up, MCW will send you weekly “workouts.” In the same way a gym workout might have a focus (Leg Day, anyone?), each civic workout has a theme. Emails may center around immigration, presidential accountability, or prison reform.

Within each message, you’ll receive three timed workouts: a 5-minute, a 10-minute and a 30-minute call to action. You have the option to complete one, two or all of the workouts, based on how much time you have to give and what interests you the most. You may be asked to do something as small as reading an informative article and sharing it, or as big as writing a letter to your Congressperson.

If you get really into the workout, MCW will also provide you with “Second Wind” and “Marathon” action items, giving you the ability to take a rest day, and continue your workout later in a second session.

Personally, I’ve found MCW to be not only a gratifying experience, but a fun one. I look forward to getting the emails each week and finding out what the workouts will be. You can see an example workout here or sign up here to get My Civic Workout messages sent to your inbox.

If you’ve laced up your sneakers, chalked your palms and tried My Civic Workout, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

With love and solidarity,