Each week brings a new set of ideas and opportunities for action. The sheer amount of projects that one can get involved in can be overwhelming and too many choices can lead to inaction rather than action. But if you believe, as we do, that “Little Hinges Swing Open Big Doors,” then embrace any one of a number of tiny actions to oil up your hinge muscle. Below are some suggestions in our continuing series of Piecing Together a Personal Action Plan. As always, some or all may not be right for you.  It’s OK. These are just idea starters. And, remember, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas so if you’ve got one, please share it by emailing us at LittleHingesUSA@gmail.com.

  1. Attend a Local Political Meeting. Most towns have their own chapters of each political party. Google the name of your town and the party e.g. Englewood, NJ democratic party and something is likely to pop up. In this example, the city’s democratic party Facebook popped up. The process works for towns and counties. If you Google Atlantic County NJ Democrats, you get a notification for the next meeting and a note that new, enthusiastic attendees are welcomed.  Cost: Free!
  2. Register for the D.C. March.  Make a reservation for a seat on a bus leaving from a town near you to the January 21 Washington DC Womans march. As noted in this earlier post, buses can be searched at Rally.net.  Cost: Varies by location but approximately $70 from South Jersey.
  3. Look for Fun, but Relevant Holiday Gifts.  We all need a fun holiday as a break from the vitriol. Consider a safety pin bracelet for someone your list, or a Nasty Woman mug for the effective woman in your life. There are several options to choose from. And for the dude in your life, there’s always the good read, especially with Bernie’s new just-released title “Our Revolution.”   Cost: All these ideas are under $20.
  4. Subscribe to a News Organization. This can be a subscription to your local newspaper, or a digital subscription to the NY Times or Washington Post. The Media has come under some deserved fire in the last few weeks, but doesn’t deserve a major political party leader calling them dishonest at public rallies, thereby putting good, hard working journalists in potential physical danger. We’ll be writing more on the Fourth Estate and First Amendment rights in future posts, but for now, show your support for the only industry protected in the U.S. Constitution for its ability to be a check and balance on each and every branch of our government.  Cost: Varies by publication and digital vs. paper subscriptions.  Most allow a free trial.
  5. Help Little Hinges Grow.  Forward an email from us to some on your list, encourage 1-2 friends to sign up for emails, or just retweet or share a Little Hinges tweet or Facebook post.  We never know what idea will resonate with which person, so help us broaden our reach with any post you feel has value to your network. Cost: Free!

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