In today’s world a Call to Action generally refers to a marketing button on a web site asking you to buy a product, or take an offer while supplies last. Here, at Little Hinges, Calls to Action (CTAs), refer to real phone calls you can make for free to voice concerns to the people who can make a difference.

To help, there’s a new Google Doc circulating the internet called “We’re His Problem Now.”  It’s an excel spreadsheet that may have started on Tumblr of phone numbers and scripts for adding your voice of concern on a series of issues from suggested appointments to the Affordable Care Act and Voter Suppression.  Recently sent to us by a Little Hinger, here are two that jumped out to us , but there are many more on the list including ways to voice disapproval of Steve Bannon’s appointment.

Affordable Care Act.  Paul Ryan’s office is conducting a survey to get voter’s input on ObamaCare. confirms the survey is real. According to the Google Doc, here’s what to do:

1) Call (202) 225 – 30312) **WAIT through 40 seconds of pure dead silence suggesting you have called the Death Star. (Seriously. Don’t hang up. There’s no hold music. It’s a little odd.)
3) You will get prompted by the survey
4) Press 2 to participate
5) Press 1 to register your support for the ACA

Conflicts of Interest in The New White House.  It’s no secret that the incoming “Labeller and Chief” never released his tax returns, and there are ongoing concerns about real and perceived conflicts of interest with his many international and national business dealings. Last week, Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings filed a letter with the House Oversight Committee asking for a review of all affiliated corporate and personal financial dealings before the new president takes office. The Oversight Committee is chaired by Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz. Here’s how you can lend your support to Elijah Cummings efforts:

  1. Call  202-225-5074 or Chaffetz directly at 801- 851-2500
  2. Use this sample script to craft your own message: My name is: ___ from the great state of _____. I support Representative Elijah Cummings’s call for a bipartisan review of the incoming president’s financial arrangements for potential conflicts of interest before he’s sworn in this coming January. Please ask Chairman Chaffetz to immediately begin conducting a review to ensure that the President-elect does not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interests. I want the Committee to make sure that the President-elect and his advisors comply with all legal and regulatory ethical requirements.

If making calls is your cup of tea, you can bookmark this Google “Doctivism”sheet and check it for updates. At the very least, it has tabs for phone and mail contacts to all Congressional and Party Leader offices.

What to Do Next:  Write down the phone and address of your own senator and representative for future correspondence on all the issues sure to come up in the near future

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