Heidi Heilig is a new writer on the teen fantasy scene.  Her book The Girl from Everywhere, released in February 2016, tells the story of a 16 year old girl from Hawaii who time travels. In a recent Tweet, the author, an advocate for books with diversity, suggested a great idea for supporting Hillary after the fall. Send a thank you card! Let Hillary hear you roar!


It’s a simple way to show gratitude and Pay It Forward.

If you find the tweet hard to read, here’s the address:

Hillary Clinton
PO Box 5256
New York, NY 10185-5256

Thanks to Tessa Bresnen for the suggested post.

Have an idea of other small things that can be done to take positive action?Send it to LittleHingesUSA@gmail.com. No idea is too small.

Remember small actions (little hinges) can create groundswells of change, and action feels better than anger. It’s more productive, too! We’re looking for contributors of all sorts to help us create the type of nation we want for our own time traveling to the future. And check out Heidi’s debut book before the sequel comes out!